Need Actor/Actress for a roll in the upcoming film: 'Amore Patata'
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- Need to have at least 3 hours of on-screen appearances.

- Need to be 5 feet 4 inches or shorter.

- Needs to be able to use a potato to portray emotions.

- Needs to be able to act against a chat bot named 'Slacky_'.

Contact: eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%59%65%6e%72%6f%6f%64%40%61%6d%6f%72%65%70%61%74%61%74%61%6d%6f%76%69%65%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%59%65%6e%72%6f%6f%64%40%61%6d%6f%72%65%70%61%74%61%74%61%6d%6f%76%69%65%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')) for more details.