Nefortix Network 1.8 Survival Server.
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Nefortix is a brand new network which focuses for the best experience in Survival.
Detailed explanation will be posted soon.


Ever wanted to survive in a world, build your own House or City, sell or buy goods at player made shops and have fun in player created PvP Arenas and events? Look no further and join our Survival Server.
We have a well-balanced economy system which ensures life-like experience.
Complete player offered Jobs, Build you own Shop or Market, shape your own city and be the Richest of the Rich.



If you have just joined our server, you will be given a Starter Protection block. Place this at the center of your House, and it will protect a radius of 10x256x10. This will help you get started with your first build.

Protection Blocks:

We currently have 3 Types of Protection blocks.

1. Starter Protection [Lapis Block]
Placing is Free of Charge.
Protects a Radius of 15x256x15.

2. Home Protection [Diamond Block]
Placing Requires $1000
Protects a Radius of 30x256x20.

3. City Protection [Diamond Ore]
Placing Requires $12,000.
Protects 70x256x70.