New 1 7 9 Survival Server, mcmmo, trophyhead, killermoney, ip: naturaliscraft mcph co
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NaturalisCraft is a 24/7 dedicated survival server where you are free to create and grow. With active, fun, and friendly staff there is always something to do. Whether you are here to play around (which we love to do), or here to make that awesome build we are here to help. Don't be surprised if you see us staff die often, we love playing survival and have /kill wars at times. We aim to make our server as safe as possible for all of our members so we have strict rules which people are required to follow (no matter who that player may be) to make our server a happy and friendly environment.

Our economy is based on mcmmo and killermoney (which pays you to kill mobs). Our donator ranks come with access to pets (the more you donate the more pets you have and the more you can do with those pets). We have player shops so it is easy to buy and sell to other players no matter what time of day it may be for you. Being a Survival (Semi-Vanilla) server we encourage players to work for everything thus resulting in an active server where no-one is ever sitting around bored.

We also have trophyhead to add a little reward to your gaming experience and lockette to protect your chests, robbing is allowed if a chest has not been locked.

Our donation system is not necessary and you would never be asked to donate, however all donations go towards supporting the server and making it better.

We appreciate all feedback and are always open minded about suggestions you may have. After all the server is to benefit all of us. We look forward to seeing you on NaturalisCraft.

We are not a pvp server. Pvp is allowed as long as both parties agree.