NEW Faction Survival server!
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Poloxia is a unique experience offering faction pvp without annoying mcmmo, where you can be killed by fists in 1 hit. In poloxia you can make massive bases with your friends,and create guards and workers to defend or gather resources while you are gone.


1.7.9/1.8 bukkit and spigot

Website: poloxia.**********

Legit, non himachi, premium

Just no hacking and no harassing or asking for ranks

Contact [owner] bloxin with any questions or concerns

. No McMMo where fists can kill full diamond in seconds
. No annoying staff that will ban you if you kill them.
. A unique survival experience.
. Active staff
. 24/7 uptime, except for scheduled maintenance.
. Easy rules of no hacking.
. Great anti-cheat, xray is detected.
. Website with active forums for discussion and help
. Uses npcs and skull turrents.