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Hey starting a Minecraft Gaming Team,

Me and my friends had an idea to re-start our old group. We are looking for Minecrafters around the community. This Minecraft Gaming Team is for people that love playing Minecraft often and gaming with others. In this group we will regularly play Minecraft when you're up to it or just feel like gaming. In this clan we we will often play things such as Hunger Games, Factions, PvP, Creative or whatever you suggest! We will also do group events that could involve Youtube. Group events such as UHC, Hunger Games, PvP Tournaments, Building Tournaments etc. So if you enjoy playing Minecraft and keen to play with a small community of other Minecraft players.

Application to fill out
Age (13+):
Youtube: (If you have one)
Minecraft Achievements:
Minecraft type you like to play:
Minecraft Skills:
Do you have a server?
How good at PvP are you: /10
What is your timezone:
What country do you live in?
How often do you play Minecraft:
Personal Traits:
Servers you play:
Describe yourself:

I will reply to these as soon as possible. Thanks, have a good day!