New Prison Server
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Hi guys I am new to the forums and thought i would make my first post about my new prison server. We feature ranks A-Z so far we have only gotten A-H but are working hard to get the rest of the ranks. We are a classic prison server that offers vip donation ranks. We use MCMMO on our server as well as many other great plugins. We are still working on getting the cells built and fixed. If you guys know of a plugin that lets people rent cells please comment telling me the name of it. We are also looking for staff so if you enjoy playing on our server you can join our website at and make a staff application. Sometime in the future when we get a bigger community we will most likely add things such as hunger games, factions, kitpvp and much more. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You can join randomprisoncraft at . We hope to see you there!