New Server (100% Vannial)
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Hey Guys! 

Today i need to ask a few questions about me hosting a server!

Okay So Basicaly i want a 100% vannila server much like mindcrack but i want some fun things to do on it! So  my idea is that it will have minigames ect made useing ONLY command blocks no bukkit pluggins or what ever and would be great fun! :)

Anyway i have a few questions to ask!

1) Would you like to have PVP on? But only for special events such as arean fights ect?

2)How long would you play each week?(Need to get an estimate)

3)What do you think about commandblocks being allowed (only me and a close friend) They would be used to make minigames, Buyable houses at spawn and maybe shops for food and blocks (im not sure about the shops they may ruin the fun)

4)Should it be whitelisted? (so we dont get noobs on) To apply should you have to submit a application?

5)should spawn be built in creative? (this seams a big deal for some people)

6)What would you do on the server? (again just need a general idea)

Anyway if you would awnser any of those and  then depending on the feed back maybe i can start a server and see some of you guys in game :) 

Also some points to make

1)i wouldent cheat stuff in for anyone

2)You would have to wait to kill the enderdragon (we want a community fight)

3)we would use command blocks for things at spawn (not personal projects)

4)It would run on the latest snapshot (adds more things for people to do)

5)Would be compleatly free to play but donations can be made if you wish (There proberbaly wont be any perks to this just that you would show great support)

Anyway comment below and i love you guys 

-Kungfue-     :D