NEW SERVER: Time4Events Beta
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Hello! Recently the new non-profit Minecraft server, Time4Events, was released, and we are looking for some players to start our community! Basically, Time4Events is/has:

-All our profits go to charity
-Towny (Explained below)
-Kit PvP
-Magic Spells
-Unique Worlds
-A medieval theme that ties into the lore
-Vote rewards (See:

The IP address is:
Our website adress is:

Towny is an variation of the more well know plugin, Factions, but with more options and potential in gameplay. Players must first ask to join a town. A town in, our server, is a number of claimed plots, which are protected from players who might attempt to destroy your buildings, explosions, fires, and monsters unless enabled by the plot owner or town mayor.
A town mayor has full control over his or her town and may (and should) give new players a place to stay. This is usually their own town plot (each plot is 16x16) for them to build their own home on. Players can teleport to their town at any time (/t spawn). All towns have forced pvp on except towns that were created by administrators, so you're safe while in places like the spawn area. This is so that other towns and nations can attack each other's enemies, or simply raid nearby towns for whatever items thier unsuspecting players might be carrying. It is recomended to build some defences such as an wall to stop invaders.

A nation is a group of towns formed by the nation's king or queen. A nation will cost much more money to create then a town, but has many advantages such as the fact that an nation that has many towns, will usually always have a few playes online that you may call to your aid if you are in trouble!

Players must then collect enough in-game currency by collecting resources to sell at the server shop, trading items for in-game currency to other players, taking quests, clearing dungeons, or find other ways to get in-game currency to eventually start their own town. Once they have created a town, they may build and manage their town as they please. Each additional plot they may claim will cost more in-game currency. Towns may only claim a certain amount of plots before they are required to add more people to their town. Each person added to a town will allow for more plots that could be claimed as you're town’s property. To keep attacking towns out, players should build a wall to protect their town or find other defensive measures. Parties of players may also be created as a temporary squad of players. Like players in the same town or nation, they cannot attack each other. Player must also deposit in-game currency into their town bank to pay tax every 24 hours. This tax is small, but if towns have no money left in their bank they will be deleted (this helps prevent inactive towns that just take up our server memory).

If you are interested, please don't hesitate to join! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!