New YouTube/stream server seeking people
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Hey Guys!

I am a trying to start a server like hermitcraft/mindcrack and with that I'm looking for people to join the server.

The premise:
I think that the whole youtuber/streamer driven community SMP experience seems so cool that i really want to try it out

I am a little youtuber from Denmark, have been running my channel for 8 months and would love to have a server like this as my main project!
As up to now i have only been making videos in danish, but I really wanna switch to English, mainly to practice my English alot!
I am 25 years old and have been playing minecraft for 1½ year and am still in love with the game!

The Server:
The server has not been made yet but will ba as soon as i find about 5 people who will join. It's gonna be a survival vanilla server with a few commandblocks, like 1 playing sleeping and decapitation. Of course it's gonna be community driven so no griefing and ruining others stuff.
And it will start in 1.11

I seek people over the age of 15.
You have to have skype so we can get in touch with eachother
I will need a link to your youtube channel or your streampage so I can get a feel on who you are as a person and entertainer.
And whereabouts are you from.

You can either comment og here or PM me.

Heres to the hope for a cool experience! :D