Night of the Blocking Dead [Faction][PvP][Survival][Zombies]
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Night of the Blocking Dead is a Faction PvP server with a twist. In this server you will be forced to scavenge into cities and buildings to compete for key resources with other players while still being able to have a faction base and the normal faction PvP. This server was made with originality in mind, so we hope to give you a unique experience unlike any you have had on another server!

Backstory: Eight years after an apocalyptic infection was introduced to the Earth, the human population is dangerously low and the number of the infected is growing rampant. Now the last stronghold for survivors is in Fox City. Fight against the hordes of infected and even other players as you scavenge to survive.

Disclaimer: This server is extremely hard, it is not for the faint of heart.


No cheating, modding, or exploiting glitches.

Please don't ask to be opped. It won't happen.

Have fun and feed your enemies to hordes of zombies!