NoobFriendly Minecraft server - SemiVanilla, Mcmmo Infernal mobs 44+ plugins, 50 slot server
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Server Name: NoobFriendly
Server Location: Chicago United States
Website: (still a work in progress)
Server Address:
Version: 1.12.2
Game Play Type/s: [Survival][Vanilla][Challenge]

NoobFriendly - a server for brand new players or old veteran players that just want to have fun and build with over 44 plugins. This sort of server is a PVE only, (for now), we offer a real challenge to the game since the vanilla version kinda lacks that, difficulty is on hard, as a guest player you'll have access to many different varieties of your choosing.
AlchemicalArrows2 - where you can make your own different type of arrows
Lift - make your own elevators because i know people get tired of making ladders endlessly
Clearlagg - i have the broadcast off but it still works because i dont want it to annoy players with the endless spam.
Tombs - when you die your stuff is put in a chest with your name on it and only you can break it
Chairs - so you can sit whenever you choose at haha.
RandomTP - so you can randomly teleport, there is no world border so build/explore to your heart's content
NightVision reloaded - so you can access NV whenever you want or you can use torches whatever your fancy is.
Infernalmobs - to add that extra challenge feel to the game.
Mcmmo - to add a challenge to anything you love doing for a leveling system.
McMMOHorse - to claim and teleport your house at your ready
Coloredtablist - so atleast you have some color than the plain boring white when you hold tab.
ColoredChat atleast it has style so you dont get bored of the pure white texts. also different chat channels you can join.
Essentials - such as /back /home and much more.
JobsReborn so you can feel like your actually accomplishing something while having fun getting paid
Shop - a actually shop plugin that trades in game currency for whatever item you want or you can sell whatever you like.
LWC - almost everything you place down will be locked. i know on a lot of servers i played on they never had this feature quite annoying.
Trey'sDoubleJump - this plugin i just really enjoy because who wouldn't want to be able to jump 3 blocks in the air (bunny charm adds 3 extra jump high so 6 block height total)
MyPet - to own your very own pet all pets are obtainable except the ender_dragon.
and that's just some thing of the delicious goodies players get for being a guest more to come later on i hope you consider joining =)