NyaaCatGlobal - 1.8 | Vanilla | Survival | Creative | Free building & survive | 24/7
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Hello folks!

We (The NyaaCat Team) have started a new server community - NyaaCatGlobal, aims to build a peaceful, stable and long-lasting minecraft server community.

We are building a high quality community, not just server.

We decide to choose vanilla 1.8 because we want to keep the game to be simple, players are playing multi-player minecraft game, not mods/plugins. Just vanilla, without fastfood gaming.

There is no limit for any block/items, with a simple game rule: https://bbs.nyaacatglobal.com/discussion/4/ingame-rules

Server IP: i.nyaacatglobal.com

Server configuration:
* Intel Core i3 2130 @3.4Ghz
* 1Gbps Uplink
* Montreal BHS Datacenter

There is also a simple forum to post anything related with our server:
https://bbs.nyaacatglobal.com (You have to register and verify you email to post)

It's a all-new world so just do what you could imagine!
Have fun!