[PC] MTE - (Minecraft Texturepack Editor)
To install texture packs in your WoM Minecraft Client Wrapper easily, please see this topic:
Installing textures easily!
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This program is still work in progress and in beta-state.
So dont hold me responsible for any damage done to your pixelpacks.

The latest version is now

Last Update for Version 1 on 10.02.2012

Minecraft Texturepack Editor

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

What it does:
- Open any texturepack you have in your minecraft/texturepacks directory
- Open several texturepacks simultanieously and compare them
- Copy single tiles from one texturepack to another with a mouseclick.
- Open single tiles in an image-editor
- Save changed images/tiles and save the texturepack.
- Change the resolution of any image with a simple mouseclick.
- Start Minecraft from within the opened texturepack.
- Stores Backup-copies of original texturepacks.
- Shows you a 3D-preview of blocks and other things.
- Copy whole group of tiles.

- Brief introduction into the basic functionality

- The Editor window with an open texturepack.

Any criticism or suggestion is very welcome.

- Bug: Fixed the "unknown filetype" error when opening whole pictures in editor
- Bug: Changed open-file dialog to select-directory dialog in options.
- Bug: Fixed a bug when changing minecraft folder.

- Add: Delete Tmp of Texturepack on closing
- Add: Searchfunction with preview-image of tile and goto-function.
- Bug: Background-colors mixed up. Fixed.
- Change: Checkbuttons, changed look.
- Add: Texturepack-window is now resizable!!
- Bug: Problem with selection und update of preview fixed.

- Change: Gui-Buttons changed
- Fix: Tilelist showing some bogus entries.
- Change: Missing images are now shown with red background.
- Add: Selecting and copying groups of tiles.
- Add: 3D-preview of blocks.
- Add: About-box :-)
- Change: Popup menus have been changed.

- Fix: Annoying "path to image editor not found" bug fixed
- Fix: "Start Minecraft" button should work now.
- Change: Moved download area to another location on my server.

- New: Copy Image to different Pack now integrated
- New: Replace whole image with any image on disk is now integrated
- Fix: Envoking Paint.Net now works
- New: Now you can add as many external editors as you like.
Please go to options and add your external editor(s) again,
otherwise the "open in editor" menu will not work.

- Changed Online-Update file.
- New: Upgrades are now downloadable inside the program.
- New: Searchable tilelist now integrated into gui.

- Some bug fixes
- New: Searchable Tilelist
- New: Replace tile with image-file from disk.
- New: If image is modified you´ll be asked for saving before loading another one.
- New: Update check is now integrated.

- Several bug fixes
- New: Link two or more PackWindows together, syncing the tile you are watching.
Great for comparison of texturepacks.
- New: Changed list of images
- New: Added searchable tilelist.

Download-Link for the setup.exe:

If you dont like setups you can just download a zip-file here:

If you like the software please support the coder. I like coffee, cigaretes and pizza.