Perfect World | Survival | Anti-grief | No drama | Mature admins | 24/7
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Join our brand new, semi-vannila survival server! We are a group of friends that enjoy playing minecraft and we have been playing on this server for a while now. Today we are opening it to the public so we can be able to enjoy the company of like-minded players. If you enjoy playing minecraft survival, but you think singleplayer gets boring, you can play on our server and play with other people. We will ensure you have a great experience without drama.

The Server

The server has limited plugins, only the plugins that are absolutely necessary have been added. You will be able to enjoy minecraft survival in a positive enviroment. We encourage you to do whatever you enjoy most in minecraft in this server (unless its breaks server rules ofcourse ;))

The Community

We want to involve our community in the development of our server. This is done by checking our site often and voting in the community polls about possible features and making suggestions in the suggestions section. Ofcourse our site is also the place to be for anyone who wants to have a nice discussion or share cool stuff! It's also an important source of important server information and announcement

The Staff

The staff consists of a few adults who will be enforcing the rules. They will not abuse their powers and I will personally see to it that we will never have uncapable gamemasters. We have plugins that will protect you against griefers and cheaters and a gamemaster will always be ready to assist you if you are running into any problems.