PhoonCraft, now Live!
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A new Minecraft server has been born, "PhoonCraft"!
This is a brand new Survival/Minigame Server, with all the best plugins and performance in-mind with 36 player slots

Server Features:
Essentials - Giving you all of the basic commands you love in Minecraft.
MultiVerse - Allowing multiple worlds to be rendered at once, while being able to conditionally teleport between them.
Mob-Arena - Lets players show off their skill while still having fun and earning rewards by killing waves of mobs.
Mini-Games - Makes modes for players to play their favorite game.
Faction - Make allies with your friends, or siege the walls of your foes.
Hunger-Games - Allows you to survive against up to 24 players! Kill, Craft and Survive.
Anti-Cheat - Lets players enjoy the game without the hackers ruining your fun.
MCmmo - Level up your stats and view stats of others!
Orebfuscator - Keeps cheaters from looking through blocks and finding your valuables.
Surprise-Bags - You have a chance of getting super loot from monsters!

Server Hardware
Processor- i3-530 @ 2.9GHz
Memory- 8GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
Storage- 500GB Sata3 @ 7200RPM
Connection- 30Mb/s Down - 7Mb/s Up

Server Location
Location- US East