Pixelmon Server looking for Staff, Elite Four, and Gym Leaders! Apply Now!
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Hello! My name is WestsideGeckos2 (West for short) I am part of a new server network that is still striding to become well known. We have 2 servers open now and more to come! For now, We are looking for people to come on to our Pixelmon server and help us out! I am the Manager of the server and we could really use some of the listed in the title.

The current availability is Builders:

2/& (no more really needed)

Sub. Gym Leaders: 0/8

Gym Leaders: 2/8

Sub. Elite Four: 0/4

Elite Four: 2/4

Moderators: 0/5

Administrators: 0/3

Please take note that joining will not get you staff automatically, you must be an active player and you must be doing something to help out! The world is not limited, you may build your empire if you'd like or you can go ahead and visit the towns and gyms which are based off of the Kanto Region! The Map is not exact, it is custom made but fits the Kanto expectations to a similar standard.

If Interested please visit: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/looking-for/2282760-aeonic-gaming-network-recruiting-staff-web-dev-gfx and apply there! I

and the Network Owner will take a look! I am constantly on here viewing! Your application will not be ignored.

Feel free to apply on here as well with this app format

* Timezone:

* Minecraft Username:


Skype Username:

* How can we contact you?

* What position are you looking to apply for?

* What server are you applying for (If it's non-specific, say none)?

* What's your availability, when can you get on the server if needed?

* Proof of Work(builder):

* If you do not have Skype, can you use our TeamSpeak to talk?

* Why are you applying for this position (Complete sentences)?