Please Join Mcplayers End today! We really need all the help we can get!
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Welcome to Mcplayers End!

Mcplayers End is a unique modded 1.7.10 Minecraft server with over 70 mods! Counting Minecraft Comes Alive, Furniture mods, More player models, and legions of more! download the required modpack and forge! or download it on Technic Launcher by searching Realisticraft MCPE. We'd love for you to join the town of Gardners Ville today! Gardners Ville is an extreme town! So everyone can have their own house forever! We need Citizens, Builders, Admins, and Helpers! Although mostly Builders for remodelling! The map is finished it just was made unmodded! So we need to add modded objects on the map and add NPCs and modded items in the stores! You can own your own apartment or house! Or even build your own with an admins permission! We have a Middle School and a High School also! You can have a family with Minecraft comes alive! Or even request players to roleplay as your children by going on the forums! You can give them a skin link that they can be! They can be the skin by opening the More Player Models Menu and pasting the skin URL in the skin URL tab! You can get a job and earn your own money to buy recipes for food, ingots, and even toys! Contact me my email is given in my website to fill out an application to be the Mayor, Vice Mayor, or something else! I appreciate every bit of help and citizens joining Mcplayers End! Don't forget to tell your friends! Also on this server, you need to have your look-alike Skin on. Thank you.

We like to keep Mcplayers End a mature server! Please read the rules on our discord server! The link is down below.

Please visit our website! It has all the information you need and we have our modpack on there!

Or download it on Technic Launcher by searching: Realisticraft MCPE and downloading it!

Currently Needed:

Sound Crew

Applications are here:

Please read my info topic! But of course, you just need to join to become a Citizen! Or just ask if you think you're up for the job!

You can join us on Discord here:

We would like as much as people as we can get! more than 1000 if possible!

Please visit the Getting Started page when you arrive on the website!

We really look forward to seeing you!