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Welcome To PokeEmpire. PokeEmpire is a server that has a friendly community. We have very knowledgeable, mature staff. PokeEmpire is a great server for all ages, We do not tolerate any form of vulgar language or any misbehavior. Because, we have mature staff, all problems you have are sorted in a quick, mature way. If you still regret joining PokeEmpire here are some key features that PokeEmpire has to offer.

PokeEmpire offers features such as:
- All legendaries are enabled
- Riding is enabled
- Keep inventory is turned on
- Mature staff
- Friendly players
- Player gym leaders
- Amazing kits
- A shop with all pixelmon items
- World border is disabled
- Marriage plugin
- Lottery plugin
- Wondertrade
- Ivs/Evs mod
- Awesome server events
- Land claiming
- Great donation ranks
- DDOS protection
- No lag
- 99% uptime
- Pokefan free rank
- Player shops
- Chest protection

Here are some pictures of PokeEmpire:

You can also find out how to get a free server rank here: http://www.pokeempire.enjin.com/freerank

You can join PokeEmpire by typing this IP in your multiplayer menu: PokemonEmpire.mymc.io