Prime-Legends New Kitpvp Server!
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Hey everyone!


So I recently made a kitpvp server, called Prime-Legends. It is a kitpvp server where people can come play and try and get better at pvp. Our staff, that we have chosen specifically, know how to help people in need and are very mature and respectful. Our server which we hope to extend so it will have many game modes and features like Factions, mini-games, Prison and more. We would love to hear what ideas you have and what mini-games you would like us to add. I would like my server to grow as a small community where people can have fun and make new friends. We are not a strict server but as most servers you will need to follow our rules, we don't have many rules so that shouldn't be hard. I would like our Kitpvp to help players improve on their pvp skills so one day they can become as good as me ;). Hopefully you will consider joining, thank you.

Information on how the kitpvp works:

Ok, so first of all i'm guessing you all want to know what kind of kitpvp server it is, It is a soup server. What I mean by soup server is that you use soups to heal hearts when pvping, therefore the fights last longer and you learn how to soup faster the more you practice. When you join you will only have access to one kit, kit pvp. With this kit you will get full iron Armour and an iron sword. Your aim is to kill people to earn money. You will gain $10 for every kill you get and you can use that money on items in the shop. The shop is full of different items that you can buy, these items will help you kill other players easier. In the shop you will find a variety of items, you will find different types of potions, you will find Armour and lastly you will find weapons. You can also buy experience points in the shop so you can enchant your Armour.

Please take time to come and check out my server, please note that it is not completely finished yet and we will be adding more features in the future!