Psycho Faction PVP Psycho Faction PVP [24/7 Uptime] [300 Slots!]
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[1] No asking for OP or staff 

[2] Respect staff 

[3] Respect other players 

[4] Don't swear excessively 

[5] No hacking 

[6] Don't complain if you get raided. In a faction server you should expect to be raided 

[7] Don't complain about staffs decisions as they are final. 

[8] If you decide to build your base on top on the nether or in the end you must claim the land. 


We are a new Faction PVP server with a growing community. Our staff are here to help and try our best to keep everyone happy. 

We are looking for more people to come join us and help us grow as we are invest alot of time and money to make Psycho Faction PVP the best it can be and we have a 300+ slot server. 

Come and say hi, we look forward to seeing you :)