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Cursecraft is an old community that has now reawakened after such a long(very long) period of rest. Here on Cursecraft our staff are friendly and no matter what problem you're dealing with we'll always be there at the ready to help you out. We also listen to our players very closely- if the community has an idea they would like to be implemented on the server, we the staff of Cursecraft will gladly do just that. In the past we had had 100+ people online on average, and those people who were said they'd enjoyed the experience very much, from the overall style- to the players themselves, everything was enjoyable. So what'll be? Do these things appeal to you and if so, will you be one of the many who helped reignite the passionate flames of this community?:

Our Server Ip is: pvp.CurseCraft.pw

What we offer on this server:



-PvP Arena(A project that will be ready in a considerably fast amount of time)
-An amazing community of both veterans and new players
-Active Forums
-Player Vaults
-Donator Shop
-Server Ranks
-Vote on our site and you'll receive rewards of your choice!

-Many more!..

Join a community that has long been apart of the minecraft community. With so many options on this server, I'm sure you'll experience only the best while playing. Not to mention that our staff will keep adding content that the you(the people) want, which means you'll always have something to enjoy with new additions and updates often to the server.

Although we are far from being as big as we once were during the golden ages, the history and memories of this once huge server will live on. We ask that you please remember to vote! Voting itself will always be a rewarding thing for both you and the server itself. Those who are among the list of top voters will receive special rewards.

With friendly staff, an amazing community, active players, and the sky being your limit, we're sure that you will definitely enjoy our server. See you then!