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I noticed that this forum is very active with people creating their own servers and thoguht that i might be able to be of use to them.

I'm from quadexhosting.com , a Cloud VPS ( Virtual Private Server) host.

Why would our servers be useful to a minecraft player?

heres why:

-Unlimited Data Transfer prefect for minecraft servers(Download + Uplaod as much as you like)

-Every Server has a connection of atleast 100Mbps +

-By gamers! this site is founded by gamers who are expierienced with many different services especially those particularily to do with games, as of such if you purchase a server from us we are more than happy to setup the server for you and provide constant support so long as you let us know at: support@quadexhosting.com

-Pay by the hour, if your server is only up for a week, you only pay for a week, no lock in monthly contracts.

-Full control, Remote desktop or SSH or alternatively use our inbuilt browser console.

-Starting at $5.70/Month or $0.008 /hr




-Email:  support@quadexhosting.com

-Skype: support_quadexhosting



Note to moderators: If this is a breach of your forums rules i apologise and understand if this post is removed, i post here as i have alot of expierience with minecraft servers and believe that i could be of service to alot of people who adminstrate their own.