Rampage PvP - Survival / Faction Server ! NEW ~ Need Players!
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Welcome to Rampage PvP, the best Faction & Hardcore PvP Server..

We have 100% uptime and are never changing that..

Vote for us today! - https://minestatus.net/64660-rampage-pvp

Tell a mod / Admin you voted for 3 diamonds.

Our server motto is...

"Hide your home, Hide your goods, Rampage PvPers are underway!"

Rampage PvP has tons of thing's to bring to you guy's..

We might be a new server, but we are very friendly and very fun!

Rules of Rampage PvP..

- No hacks or mods!

- Do not ask for items / ranks. (We randomly pick active & dedicated players for staff.)

- Listen to ALL higher rank's, they make you, and the server!

No bullying or racial slurs, or even refering to someones religion!

- Do not spawn kill.

Photos of Rampage PvP.


And tons more to come soon.. But you're gonna have to join to see the rest.. ;)

Join today..