In WoM servers, there are ranks. The higher rank you have, the more commands you have. If you're a moderator/operator, you're on anti-grief duty. If you're admin+, you're on server running/protection duty. Always remember, when you play, don't go for the ranks, go for the fun in building. That's what Minecraft is all about.

This list of ranks gives information on the ranks. If you want to see the promotions/demotions, go here, and here for a list of all members above the regular member rank.

If you're a spectator, you can't build. You're most likely at this rank because you griefed. If you're spectator you lose your access to WoM client hacks. When you are demoted to this rank, your username is automatically added onto the WoM griefers list.
Fill out a spectator appeal if you wish to appeal your demotion.
For a full spectators list, please go here.

If you're new on these servers and didn't register, you're a guest. You can only build in the guest area, which is reset every once in a while. Your buildings are not protected from griefers. You have to register to become a member.

When you register on the WoM website, you are promoted to member. You can build anywhere (except in other people's assigned areas and guest area).

Designer is like a member, only with a few more commands and the ability to get an area assigned for yourself. You become one of these ranks when you impress a mod or higher with one of your buildings. Do not ask for this rank: they give the rank to you; you do not take it from them.

These are excellent designers. If your builds are very advanced and unique and very well planned, you get promoted to Architect.

If you're one of these ranks, you're on anti-grief duty. You have to be mature and able to handle tight situations, such as fights, etc. This is a serious rank.

These people are old WoM staff members or people who have greatly influenced WoM.

This rank is serious business. You have to keep the server safe and help with anti-grief duty. You have to handle things very well and not goof-off.

These people help run the server, keep the server safe, breakup fights and arguments, and help with anti-grief duty. It's a very tough job.

They run the server. They have to keep the server safe and fun, run the website and server, code the server, add ranks and commands, etc.