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Realm Community
is a strong growing community of players who were tired of other servers where the owners didn't care, the staff were irresponsible and the donors became gods, so we set out to make a server like no other where our main focus is on quality over quantity in all aspects of the game. Here you will find not only a dedicated team of staff who are here to help the player base and expand the server together but also a community of players that are the friendliest I have ever met. Inside you will not only find a unique and challenging game, but also some friends and a place you can call home.

Why you should choose us:
Restricting your playing field is unfair is our eyes, which is why we have a borderless world. Feel free to explore the land for new challenges and adventures where the possibilities are endless.

Dedicated team who works day and night to ensure a quality, stable and lag free game for everyone, as well as lend a helpful hand to those who need it
We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking, if you're caught you are IP banned so you cannot return, we also have NoCheat and Orebfuscator in place to guarantee a fair game unencumbered by cheaters

Hand selected plugins that create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere like Headshots that do double damage, Double XP every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), TreeAssist that not only auto cuts the tree and removes the remaining leaves, but automatically replants a tree in it's place so you never run out of lumber and forests never disappear unless you want them too. Don't forget the basics of course like Economy, Factions, mcMMO, Jobs and many more to give you a truly one of a kind experience found nowhere else.

We do not use plugins like ClearLag or NoLag, they don't work anyways all they do is break the game, we prefer to upgrade our servers to always provide a lag free game without diminishing the game play, we currently have a 16gb dedicated server running on an i5-3570S processor and are in the process of purchasing our own dedicated machine

100% Non-Profit! Nobody takes anything from the donations, nothing! Every donation goes towards server fees and upgrades, that's 100%, we are one of the only servers to be totally transparent with our resources and fees because your donations shouldn't be stolen by greedy owners, they were meant to support the community and that's how they should be used. No excuses.

Balanced and affordable donation rewards. We were all tired of seeing donation rewards that allowed players to be gods, or even donate for Mod/Admin/OP on some servers. Da fuq? We set out to reward players who donate to support the community while maintaining a fair and balanced game for everyone. You are never forced to donate, there is no pay to win environment created.

We believe strongly in competition which is why all Spleef and PvP Arenas are rated to keep track of your win/loss history and also rank our competitors based on their personal score.

At the moment we have 4 game-type (more to come)

  • Survival Factions PVP ( New )
  • PlotWorld With 250x250 Plots
  • FreeBuild (Resets ever 2 month)
  • Skyblock, Complete with shops and trade booths (coming soon, maybe)
We have a variety of plugins that make your time on Molten much more enjoyable! Here is a taster of some of the plugins we have:
  • Mob Arena
  • Custom Faction God RPG Coming Soon!
  • Custom Money plugin Coming Soon!
  • NightAttack (You can ONLY Attack at night aka PVP)
  • ModReq ( Stop asking in chat for help all the time)
  • CreativeGates
  • bettershops
  • mobarena
  • Worldgurad
  • CoreProtect
  • And much much more.
We have some very simple rules, that is easy to understand, AND FOLLOW!: 

No griefing - Everybody hates it.. (Go to a HARDCORE PVP server, where griefing is allowed) 

No floating unrealistic blocks (It's okay making a airballon and other cool flying things, but making a ugly flying dirt house is against the rules) 

No spamming - It's irritating.. 

No irritating cussing - It's okay using a strong language but not against other people.. 

No racism - That's just childish.. 

No caps lock - Are you shouting all the time in real life? 

No begging - Items, OP, ranks and other stuff. (You'll get what you deserves) 

No advertising your own server - Instead post your server on / etc. 

No hacking - It seriously destroys the whole MineCraft experience.. Ruins everything :I 


Respect other - That's actually a rule OF LIFE!

Apply for staff?
Happy mining!