The Realm of Corvus (New 1.7.10 Witchcraft server!)
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Why hello there traveler, I see you have stumbled upon our humble server.
What is the Realm of Corvus?
I am glad you asked, we are a 1.7.10 server based on all things magical. We have mods such as Thaumcraft,
Witchery, Blood Magic, Ars Magica 2, and much more! Once you join our server you can choose to follow 1 of the
9 available gods, 3 for each species. You will unite with fellow followers of your god and attempt
to become the most powerful clan on the server by claiming land from other clans of your species
and battling it out with the other races to declare who is best.
Why did you make this server?
A while back we owned another witchery server, called the Land of Magos. (Yes we are very creative with names)
After a while we couldn't afford to keep it going and stopped updating and the server died.
However that didn't stop our love for witchery servers and a few months later we joined a witchery server
with intentions to just be a player and just have fun, but we soon saw the corruption of the
staff and remembered why we made our last witchery server, because of all of the terrible
staff members and owners in previous witchery servers we had joined. So we decided
to yet again dust off our old server developing skills and bring back the Land of Magos, but better than ever.
How do I join?
The server hasn't been released yet, but plans to release at 6pm EST on 8/18/2017, aka today.

And the server ip is right here, however the server is whitelisted until we release later today.

You may also join our website for updates, our discord, and much more at:
Thank you for taking the time to read and consider joining our server and I hope that we
will be able to provide you a great experience on our server.