Rules in World of Minecraft:Realms!
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WoM Realms is setup so each user has their own world. When you are in
your own Realm you can build whatever you want and have the freedom to
say whatever you want within reason and if doesn't conflict with the
following rules.

If you find someones Realm offensive DON'T publicly announce it, just type /home and leave their realm.

When you are in someone else's Realm, please be nice and follow the
owners instructions. If they ask you to leave, please do so without
creating a scene.

However that said we do have the following rules to create a safe
environment for everybody on a global scale. Please remember that
children play Minecraft and use the World of Minecraft Servers.

  1. No abusive language.
  2. No insulting anyone on the server. Zero tolerance for trolling or flaming.
  3. No impersonating staff or other users. This will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Do not asked to be ranked up or promoted. The only way to be promoted is via the reputation system.
  5. Racism is not tolerated in any form, verbal or building.
  6. Vulgarity is not tolerated. We have a filter but if you swear too much or attempt to bypass the filter, you will be silenced.
  7. No discussions, buildings, or skins of an illegal or sexual
    nature, i.e Drugs, Rape, Torture, Paedophilia, Torrents, Piracy,
    Pornography, Sexual acts, etc. Anything inappropriate will be removed or
  8. Do not spam chat, this includes advertising excessively or
    random gibberish - Keep it simple! Limited advertising in chat is
    allowed, but do not advertise too often.
  9. Excessive caps are annoying, keep them to a minimum. Continuing to use all caps will get you silenced.
  10. No bots. If you get caught using a bot to gain reputation, your
    account will be restricted, if you are looking for a feature that the
    bot has that World of Minecraft doesn't please let us know and we will consider adding
  11. Do not insult someone else's build. Just leave their Realm.
  12. Please don't talk about religion, causes major debates. Keep your opinion to yourself.

Understandably, everyone makes mistakes and, if appropriate, you will be
warned. However should you continue to dishonor these rules, you will
face the consequences.

<WM>, the World of Minecraft Realm Master will assist you with any questions you may have.
If you get any instruction from <WM>, obey immediately.

"Rules Due to change"