Savage Raid Reborn
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Savage raid reborn is a factions server that has risen from the ashes and has come back
better than ever
savage raid has unique classes that range from abilities like leaping as a marksman
or giving fellow party members Buffs

the server has to offer

EVENTS: events such as park ours, pvp events, boxing and
much more. Events are hosted by a certain part of staff called the
event mods. they will host an event and you can join
using the command /joinevent. prizes can range from 100-1k in game money.

LOTTO: everyone in the server can put in $150 in game money
into the lottery pot, as it accumulates over time a random player
is chosen and wins all the money that was put together!

CUSTOM BIOMES: savage raid has its own biomes! such as tree's that begin to
grow out of the sea or even biomes made completely out of obsidian
to make your base!

the Warzone includes 4 different portals to different spots

Factions include:
-water protection OFF
-Obsidian is NOT invincible
-max claims 55
-and much more