Savage Raid Reborn [Factions] [Raiding] [PVP] [Bosses] [RPG] [Classes]
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Savage Raid Reborn 
Owners: Klowe10 & Louis1
Hello Enjin Forum Member! Welcome to a page dedicated to Savage Raid Reborn displaying its signifying great features. Please check out this amazing server and join a amazing community filled with hardcore raiders, excellent pvpers and competitive people. Become a member of this community and thrive with us.


Savage Realms Raid has been around for 3 years. Over those 3 years, hundreds enjoyed Savage Realms Raid, except nearing the three year mark player base was dwindling. The server is now called Savage Raid Reborn! Savage Raid Reborn is under new ownership. The new owners and staff are more dedicated than the recent owners. Under new leadership Savage Raid Reborn is thriving and is better than ever. Join Savage Raid Reborn and help the new server last longer than Savage Realms Raid. With the server under new ownership lots of new content has been released.
- Weekly Podcasts
- Donor Opening Special
- New Staff
- New Owners
- New Staff Promotions
- Rest of Ban Lists
- New Content
- Class Patches Weekly
- Weekly Podcasts containing News/Updates
- New Donor Ranks (Pvp Legend $425 // Pvp VIP $15
- Paid Advertising


Server Key Features:
- Factions
- Raiding
- Huge Warzones
- Custom PVP Classes
- RPG Boss Quests
- Custom Bosses // Custom Classes
- Custom Biomes ( Obsidian Biomes, and More )
- Lottery Plugin
- Voter Prizes


Faction Key Features:
- No Water Prot
- Obsidian takes 9 hits until breaking
- No Protection Factions
- Max 55 Claims
- No Wilderness Vaults
- 5,500 Map Size
- 25 Player Faction Max
- 15 Power per player
- 375 Power Faction Max


Server Stats:
- Around 80 players on at all times
Server Host in Paris, soon to be relocated
- IP:
- Website:
- Voting Website:
Proof of Savage Raid Reborn Success. Not even a month open and already donations are piling up.

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