Savage Raid Reborn [RPG] [Factions] [Raid] [PvP] [Events]
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Savage Raid Reborn is a server that has factions, PvP, PvP events, RPG worlds and quests, and raiding. Savage Raid Reborn is a excellent server to spend your time on Minecraft if you want to have fun. Savage Raid Reborn has different various PvP classes that help enhance the PvP excitement. There are multiple classes including: Scout, Assassin, Gladiator, Marksman, and even way more! These classes give you special abilities that can be used against your foes. For example, Marksman boosts bow damage, and can leap a couple of blocks using a feather. All and all, Savage Raid Reborn is a excellent way to spend your time on, and one of the best servers on Minecraft.
Why Is It Called Reborn?:
This server is called "Reborn" because a couple of weeks ago, the owners announced that they would be shutting down all the Savage Servers, including Raid. All people on Savage were dissapointed and were talking about how they could use the money they donated for something else. But, luckily, admins from Raid offered to take over the server, making it "Reborn".
Faction Settings:
-Water won't protect from TnT
-Obsidian isn't indestructible
-Map is small
-Protection Factions aren't allowed
-Max 40 claims
-No wilderness vaults
Server IP:
Hope you enjoy this server!