Secrets of the Void PvP RPG Server - Need Alpha Testers
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Hey guys! My name is Colin, and I'm the producer, writer, owner, pixel artist, (insert whatever inane title you want here) of an upcoming Minecraft server! Owner is the most relevant title, I think :p

Judging from the title, if you're reading this, you're probably at least partially interested in alpha testing for the server. First, though, let me tell you a little bit about where I'm coming from.

I've been developing and hosting Minecraft servers since I was 11 (or something like that, who's keeping track?). Every single server up until Secrets of the Void was a Survival Factions PvP server, which as we all know, is the epitome of uniqueness. I've tried making a lot of things in my life, including but not limited to a web-series, a YouTube channel with consistent uploads (whoops), and I've tried writing more than my fair share of books.
However, recently I began to think... why not combine my desire for storytelling and my love of developing Minecraft into one project?

What is the Server?
So, at this point, you're probably wondering what the whole point of the server is. Is it just another Survival Factions server? Is it a little unique, with a couple of half-hearted "quests" that ask you to go talk to a different NPC and come back? That's not the kind of server I set out to create, and it's not the kind of server that I've made.

Secrets of the Void is just that -- a server with a persistent storyline, mainly focusing on researching and understanding "The Void." Mysterious creatures known as Voidwalkers roam the landscape, encouraging discontent with the tenable alliance that humanity has established with the Voidwalkers. Open war has broken out between the Righteous, a morality-driven, militaristic society that is hesitant to go too far into the Void, and the Corrupted, a democratic society that plans on understanding and harnessing the Void at any cost.

But the server isn't just about the present. Understanding the past is integral to battling your foes, regardless of which of the two factions you decide to join. Forgotten Spirits, dark wraiths left with only fragments of bitter memories, have made their home in places of death and darkness. Battling them will give you Rudimentary Memories, crystallized memories that are of no use to you on their own. However, when eight Rudimentary Memories are combined with the memories of a historical figure (in the form of Crown Memories)... well, the power of a Memory Shard can sometimes shock you. Perhaps living the past from the perspective of someone with great power will let a little bit of that great power rub off onto you.

PvP? I've Done That Already.
Not like this PvP, you haven't. Choose from one of five starting classes right off the bat: Huntsman, Arcanist, Charlatan, Slayer, and (To Be Announced ;3). Each class can spend Void Fragments (earned through exploring the past with Memory Shards) to purchase Augments that will alter, upgrade, or even replace the starting abilities that the class has access to.

But suppose five classes just doesn't cut it for you. That's fine! Experts are scattered around the world (or at least they will be on release...), each of them willing to share the secrets of their particular class with you... after a short questline, of course. In other words, doing quests for certain individuals unlocks whole new classes that you get to fight other players with!

During alpha, beta, and full release, I will dedicate myself to listening to community feedback and balancing classes and PvP accordingly. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone, and it's no fun if one class is able to steamroll the rest of them.

Do you think default Minecraft combat is boring? Personally, I can't stand the PvP that requires fully-enchanted diamond armor and sword, twenty god apples, health potions out the wazoo, etc. That's not the kind of PvP you'll find on Secrets of the Void. Instead, you'll find each class has specific strengths and weaknesses (Charlatan is great at screwing with one enemy... not so great when they get surrounded). On top of all of that, death will NOT be immediate unless you don't play safe! I've rebalanced the health system to be up in the hundreds or thousands, depending on your class. The general basic attack damage now? 50. This sort of combat is nothing like you'll find in Vanilla Minecraft, or even a Survival Factions server.

But Exploration is So Boring...
First of all, straw-man I just made up, no it isn't! Exploration done poorly is boring. I don't intend for exploration on this server to be done poorly.

One of the biggest complaints I see about exploration in every server, MMO or otherwise, is that walking simply takes too long. Interesting things are spread out, so exploring just isn't rewarding until you stumble upon something. Well, let's talk mounts.

Shortly after completing the tutorial, you can speak to your faction's Stablemaster (and remember, I mean Righteous or Corrupted -- no player-made factions yet!) to attain a Horse Whistle. After blowing this whistle for a short time, you'll be immediately mounted on your own personal horse. You can train this horse to perform better, and even customize its appearance to your liking! Do you want a skeletal horse? Well, that's a paid-only option, but... sure! Do you want a brown horse with black spots so it looks diseased or something? That's a bit weird, but it's your horse! Go ahead!

Before you get concerned that mounts will make PvP ridiculous, because of the health of the horses... don't get concerned. Not yet. Because each mount can only take one source of damage before it disappears and needs to be resummoned (Unless, of course, you train its Hardiness to level 2, letting it take 2 hits before disappearing!). This makes mounts a viable combat option, but if you're a little too cocky about it, you can easily ride yourself into a very undesirable situation.

Beyond all of this, before the server is officially released, I intend for this world to be populated. What I mean by that is, I want the Secrets of the Void world to be brimming with so many stories, secrets, and puzzles that the community theorizes about what the hell's happening. Or don't theorize, and just take a guess! Either way! This is a story that I want to tell with the community's involvement, in such a way that everyone has a great, memorable time.

That's Not Quite Unique Enough for Me.
Yeesh, tough crowd... Alright, fine. Let's talk uniqueness, then.

I've been reading up, and I mean seriously reading up, on what people want in MMO's. What does the average player think MMO's are missing, and what can be done to remedy that? Well, since the MMO community can't agree on anything, I was only able to get a few snippets of what I knew I had to do.

First, Secrets of the Void is going to support a plethora of professions and crafting options. Some classes you unlock won't even be PvP-viable; they'll just be for crafting! Right now? We have a revamped fishing system, and a completely unique, custom-coded cooking system (which we'll later utilize to make an alchemy system). Sure, it's not a lot, but remember, I've essentially been working on this completely on my own. I've had people help test, supply some ideas... but it's mostly been my effort for the last 7 months that's gotten the server to the nearly-playable alpha build it's at today.

So, besides professions, what else? I'm happy to say, Secrets of the Void has a system that I've seen in literally no other server that I've ever played. SotV has a custom texture pack, but it's not used to make the grass look greener or the moon look like the one from Majora's Mask. Instead, this texture pack is used to make an extensive collection of weapon skins. What are weapon skins, I assume that you ask? Well, for example, here's a simple weapon skin given to all new Righteous recruits:

Apologies for the teeny tiny picture, but that's the actual image used in the texture pack. Can't enlarge it without ruining it. Anyway, that skin's rather basic. Nothing special. Just a reskinned iron sword, right? Well, let's look at another example of a weapon skin.

I gave that one a background so you could see it better... but that, my friends, is called The Crestfallen Crescent. It's a sad moon war-axe, essentially. Each weapon does the exact amount of damage another would do (damage does vary depending on class), so these are all purely cosmetic. But there's a lot of 'em. And, fun fact, Alpha Testers will receive a few exclusive weapon skins and unlocks, purely for being Alpha Testers. These skins and rewards will never be available to anyone for any reason ever again. So, there's that.

How Do I Sign Up?
That's it, guys. That's my whole pitch. I hope it wasn't incredibly boring. I know for sure it was long-winded... but at least it was informative, too.

So, I'll be quick about this last part, since after all that reading, you're probably a little impatient.

There's no specific date for Alpha Testing yet, BUT it will for sure be released within two weeks. I'm looking for a total of 20 Alpha Testers, no more, no less. If you're selected for Alpha, it's completely free. No need to give me money or anything. The online store will be available, and anything you spend money on will persist all the way through release. Then, you'll still get to keep it. Anything that might give you an advantage over players who didn't have as much time as you to play will probably be reset. Testers will be giving me vital feedback as they play on the server, and their opinions will no doubt decide what I spend my time working on. If, for example, the majority of testers prefer that I flesh out the cooking system before anything else, then that's what I'll do.

In order to apply, here's how I've decided to handle it. Either reply to this post, or email me at

with the following questions answered (please include the questions, so I know which one you're referring to in your answers. If information is within parentheses, there's no need to include it -- that's for your benefit. Also, to be sure you read all of this, please include the phrase "blueberry toast" in your application at some point). If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me in either of those ways and ask. I'm more than happy to make clarifications.

Please fill in the following questions:

What is your IGN (Minecraft username)? This is for the whitelist, and it will be case-sensitive.

Which faction (Corrupted or Righteous) would you like to join? Would you be willing to join the other faction if all of the slots for the one you prefer are full?

How old are you? (Some content in the server can be somewhat adult -- it varies from PG to PG-13. None of it is unnecessary, it's just very adult.)

Have you ever hacked in Minecraft? (It's better to be honest here than lie... I'll be doing simple background checks on every IGN that applies. Having hacked in the past does not mean you can't be a tester.)

Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why?

Are you mature enough to walk away from intense disagreements rather than escalate them, no matter what it's about?

What profession or crafting-class would you like to see added to the server? (Professions are crafting, class-required or not, of a specific style. Cooking and fishing are professions.)

Which of the three basic roles in MOBAs or MMOs do you usually play, if any? Do you want to play that role on this server? If not, which role appeals to you? (Tank, Support, Damage-Dealer)

How frequently would you be able to test on a day-to-day basis?

Are you willing to be completely honest with me about your opinions on the server and its future?

How can I contact you if you're selected? Please, email addresses only.

Well, that's about it! Remember, email me at

or reply to this post if you have any questions, or to submit your application. Whether or not you get into the alpha testing, remember to follow @Official_SotV on Twitter ( for updates on server development, and in the future, dates for the Open Beta!

REMEMBER: This server is still in Pre-Alpha stages at the moment. When you're playing, it'll be considered Alpha. Some features will be incomplete, unavailable, or straight-up broken. As an Alpha Tester, I need you to report every bug or issue you encounter, so that the experience is greater for those who play in the future. If you exploit a bug for personal gain (or some other weird reason), and I find out, you'll be permanently banned for life. Plus, most things will be reset anyway... why bother exploiting it if the reward is just gonna disappear?

NOTE: By posting an application, you are agreeing to participate in the Alpha. By doing so, you agree not to take any screenshots or videos of the server in Alpha except for reasons of reporting bugs or other issues.