Seeking players for upcoming SMP server
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Hello. Currently in the process of forming a team of people who would to long term or permanent positions on a server.

The server is not yet operational. Still in the process of finding people who will jump on board when the server becomes operational sometime in December 2017 or January 2018. Just making that clear right now.

I have a developer who is willing to provide service to the technical side of the server, its software and its plugins.

The server structure is still being decided on as well. Right now it will have a spacey type feel to it. Think of yourself as a explorer of an uncharted region of space, exploring an uncharted planet and its different biomes. This is not a roleplay server however.

The starting area where players spawn will be a space craft, which has hubs for shops, arena, creative, mob grinder, rules/information.

Players would exit out of that area, into a larger area that is much like a solar system. Each planet would link to a different biome. The Nether for example would be the Sun at the center. The end would be a black hole area situated somewhere outside of the solar system itself.

The server would be a mix of SMP and Anarchy. The main world would have a protected Anarchy free region where players can purchase areas of land and set up a residence, however anything outside of the Anarchy free region is well... Anarchy. Anything goes.

The server will have plugins and also custom plugins that are created and implemented by our developer.

However much more is needed. Before I can even get this server operational I need people who are willing to committ to positions.

I am currently looking for:

Players: People who would be interested in joining the initial beta phase of the server, once its operational. Your service would be rewarded with in game items. Looking for a limit of five people with this.

Builders: People who have experience building spawn hubs, spacecraft, planets, etc.

Redstone Engineer: People who are experienced with redstone engineering. Also people who are experienced with command block usage

Staff: Am in need of people who have experience and are proven to be reliable, honest, trustworthy, respectful and responsible when it comes to holding a staff position.

Staff on this server is broken into three groups

Archon: The server owner

Overseer: The server's administration team

Enforcer: The server's moderation team

I have a staff application for those who would be interested in applying and joining as Overseer or Enforcer. Please note that staff positions are limited players who are at least 18 years of age. Anyone younger than that will be automatically rejected.

For any other positions please respond with the following

Minecraft Username:



How often would you be on the server:



Experience: (this is important, please provide examples of your experience with the position you are applying for, screenshots, videos, references, links to other servers, github, etc)

I have a discord for those who would like to chat easier. Submachiner#5710

A bit about me:

I am a male, 30 years of age, I live in the United States. I have been playing Minecraft Survival since October of 2010. I remember Minecraft when the Nether was non-existent. I have been on a variety of servers. Before I played Minecraft Survival I spent time playing Minecraft Classic. I ended up holding moderation/administration positions on a variety of Classic servers and even ran two servers myself:

In 2013 I with another Minecraft player ran a server for a few months, however the hosting service we had flipped the bird and screwed us over. However I have been desiring starting up a new server. Which leads me to advertising around, looking for players with an interest in helping out form a team and start up a server.

When it comes to servers. I have played on several over the last seven years, and have played on a variety of different modes of gameplay. I started playing Minecraft with Anarchy/Factions servers, so this server would have a bit of that, as a throwback to my early years of Minecraft.

When it comes to moderation/administration and other mechanics, I am a fair person. I believe in equal rewards and equal punishment. I speak softly, carry a big stick. I don't believe in favoritsm or elitism. I also do not believe in the pay to win model that has overtaken many servers out there. This server would have donations of course, but the only thing a player would get out of donating is nothing more than a Thank You.

I also believe in putting the Community first. I actively make the community well informed on decisions and also offer their input, comments, suggestions, etc and possibly make decisions for the server and community themselves.