A Sharp Miner [Vanilla] {Mature} {Survival} {Creative} {UHC} {1.8.3}
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Hello, my dear miners!

A Sharp Miner (A#m) is now open for whitelist applications! If you enjoy playing Vanilla Minecraft like we do, this is the place for you.

Age limit 18+
Difficulty: Hard
Server website: www.asharpminer.com
Server address: play.asharpminer.com
UHC server: /server uhc ingame
Creative server: /server cre ingame
Dynamp: http://map.asharpminer.com
IRC: irc.freenode.net / #asharpminer
Server rules: rules

A Sharp Miner Minecraft server is for adults, who want to play Vanilla and enjoy 1.8 content with other adults without any drama and hassle.
A#m aims to be more then just a server, it is a place where sane, reasonable, intelligent, mature people enjoy playing with other reasonable, intelligent, mature people. No kiddie drama, people are expected to be and behave like grown-ups.

If you are 18+, mentally matured, able to express your thoughts clearly and have a healthy sense of humour, you are very welcome.
In order to be whitelisted, please apply at www.asharpminer.com