Skybrid MC! The only Skyblock and Skywars Integrated Hybrid Server!
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Welcome to the best skyblock experience you can get out there! We've spent countless hours working to make it the best! All you have to do is join the server, and start your very own skyblock island! We have a self-sustaining economy, allowing you to trade with players, create custom shops, sell items on the server store, and even get money from special events and skywars! We have skywars built right in to the server, so whenever you wish, simply join a skywars game and fight other players in a head to head battle!

Skyblock - Simply start by creating an island, and begin your adventure! It's just like vanilla skyblock, with those extra few features added in to keep it interesting! With an ore generator plugin, you can also get ores from your cobblestone generator! Rise to the top of the wall of fame, and get the highest island level on the server!

Skywars - Join at any time on the server, and battle other players! PIck up your loot, and either snipe at them from afar, attack and charge for mid, or sneak up on them from behind! You can win money for kills, wins, and even from large scale tournaments!

We want to provide you with the best experience, so tell us whatever we can do to improve!

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