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✦✦✦ Welcome To SkyCells✦✦✦

"Always Exceeding Expectations"

A few features:

✦ We have a feature that is based around implementing Prisons, into SkyBlock. With this plugin, players can warp, upgrade, remove, and more. The owner of the cell will be able to buy the cell when they reach $1million in-game currency. They can then invite, recruit, remove, and more at their will. If users would like more than 1 cell then they will have to buy one off of ‘buycraft’ (our store plugin) for $20. It is so expensive because of how overpowered the cells can actually be if the user grinds and works hard enough to make sure it’s at its best. The mine will start off as just coal and stone, then slowly progress up the tier’s of ore’s that are in Minecraft with the /cell upgrade command. The cell will progressively cost more as the cell is upgrading more and more.The cell will cost 1million to buy to start off with one, then it will cost more and more money as the cell upgrades. The cell upgrading price will upgrade by %20 till the 3rd tier it will cost double the previous amount that was needed to upgrade the cell.

✦ We also contain a feature known as ‘Ability Pets’ plugin is based around using animals and transforming them into pets with different abilities that you can level up and upgrade. Each pet has a different ability that you receive when it is in your inventory or you right-click it. When you right-click the chicken pet it gives you speed boost, depending on the level will depend on the speed boost you receive.

✦ The ‘Crown’ plugin is based around using player’s kills to deaths (K/D) ratio and implementing a new and unique reward for the best K/D. The player with the highest K/D ratio will have a crown suffix next to their name, the crown gives them a white name and allows their text to be in white.