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Hello, I am the owner of . We are sponsored by mcdust and a popular twitch streamer named Skyasi ( I am currently looking for Admins and Moderators. We are a towny survival server with a economy, we are also looking at adding mini-games (We have some at the moment, but want to expand).

What im looking for in a Admin is someone who has extensive knowledge in  Minecraft plugins, such as setting them up, how to use them, working in permissions, etc. As well as someone who can keep a professional and very friendly manner when it comes to dealing with the players.

What im looking for in a Moderator is the ability to learn the plugins we have on our server to the point you are able to help other players out if they run into issue, and being able to keep a positive and helpful attitude towards other players.

Each position has a trial rank below it that you must be in while me and the current staff roster evaluates you to see how you do. After your evaluation period has ended you will receive the full rank benefits (Assuming you passed). Each evaluation period varies from person to person depending on how well of a job they do.

Our server for the most part is set up. We have our ranks set, our plugins set up and installed, and are now starting to grow our playerbase. We are planning on being a very active server, and we need a team of helpful staff to achieve that goal, as our staff represents our server to new players! 

If you are interested in applying, please leave a self-made application here, or add me on Skype for a skype interview @ blac.haze