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Come join a new server! it's under development and it needs players! The server is full on the staff at the moment but builders are always needed! I am one of the players in the server and I really want to see it grow and become an amazing community in which others can come in and enjoy it! What are you waiting for? Join now!

Here's the website and IP



Other info!

The server runs smoothly!

Barely any lag!

it's completely new!

waiting on some plugins to update so you may enjoy the latest version of mc!


Be sure to say I sent ya! IGN: WestsideGeckos2

Extra info!

I'm not the owner of the server, just a player!

Great community of people!

PvP is allowed.

Factions is main plugin

Be sure to Check out the website for further info on the server and for any other question you might have!


Latest Additions to SolCraft

SolCraft now has a Creative world with plots (able to do /plot commands)!

Now has a PvP arena! Join and 1v1 your friends!

Has a mob arena!

More to come!!!!

Come have fun on SolCraft! Enjoy the latest plugins! Join the community! Join in to help get more plugins! Players are a valuable source for the incoming plugins!