A solution to unco-operative port forwarding
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Yeah, i have been trying to port forward my port 25565 for a long time. No automatic port forwarding software has been of use, because i have this one weird router (BeWan ibox V1.0). Therefore, no one has been able to connect to my server. Then i came up with a solution. I downloaded upnpc (http://forum.wippies.com/wiki/Port_forwarding_using_UPnP), and used a command to open the port via upnp. Well, it didn't work, it didn't open the port. But then I read somewhere that µTorrent opens designated ports automatically. Well, i downloaded it and typed the port 25565 in the port of usage. Now it works :D This'll work with anyone, i suppose.
Note: You will need to do the upnpc part too.