Spleef is the most commonly played mini-game in Minecraft. The name "Spleef" is a combination of the words "Sport" and "Grief." Below is a full description of the rules.


The first step in playing Spleef is to create what is known as a Spleef Arena. There are several variations of the Spleef Arena but all of them revolve around the same premise. There are two fundamental parts of the arena: the floor and the, for lack of a better term, Pit of Shame.

    The Floor

  • The floor is generally a square, single-level (1 block in height) platform that is typically at LEAST 20 blocks wide/long. Many builders/players prefer bigger areas, however. The size of this platform depends on the amount of players involved in each "match"(to be discussed further below). While it is not necessary to make the playing platform any specific color or pattern, many builders use a checkerboard pattern like this.
  • Sometimes builders like to create designated starting areas in the corners, like those pictured here.

    The "Pit of Shame"

  • The Pit of Shame is simply a hollowed out area that lies underneath the playing platform. Again, while it is not necessary to "dress it up," many builders make the place interesting to look at.


  • Anything else you'd like to add is completely optional and doesn't affect the gameplay.
  • Some people like to add an area for observers to watch the match. This area needs to be located above the playing area. Some builders simply add a glass platform that is 10+ blocks above the playing area so onlookers can simply look down at the match.

How to Play

    Step 1

  • The first step to playing spleef is to gather at least 2 players to spleef. It is also important to have a referee to note and disqualify any participants who break any of the rules(to be discussed shortly).

    Step 2

  • After the players have been identified, they will then take their places in the corners of the playing area.

    Step 3

  • After all of the players have taken their assigned places in the corners of the arena, the referee will begin the match by saying, "1-2-3-GO!" or something similar.

    Step 4

  • After the referee begins the match, each participant will go around the playing area and attempt to make their opponent(s) fall into the Pit of Shame by deleting the blocks beneath their opponent(s)'s feet.

    Step 5

  • To win the game, a participant needs to be the last person on top of the platform, or, in case of very close matches, be the last person to touch the floor of the Pit of Shame.


While many players have their own rules, these are the basic, fundamental rules of the game.

  • No "HAX." This means no flying, no-clipping, using speed, or double jumping.
  • No respawning. This means that once you fall, you're out of the game and cannot rejoin until a new match begins.

  • No building, except for after a match and if, by any chance, the competitors build a pit too large to reach the other end.

  • Players must remain inside the playing area.

  • Players may only delete blocks using the mouse. (ie. /fill, /paste, /esolid, etc are not allowed).

  • The loser rebuilds the arena after the match, even the ones the winner deleted.


    Minespleef is a variation on classic Spleef in which players must tunnel through the floor to find their opponents. This means that a thicker floor is necessarry, generally three to five layers thick, and also means that players must use a more strategic approach to how they find and sink others.
    The rules of Minespleef are the same as regular spleef, but with some additions:

    • Players may not walk on the top of the arena
    • No building. Full stop.
    • And all players must assist in rebuilding the entire arena floor after the game is finished, unless the floor has been saved.

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