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In Cal's realm, I made a road going up the mountain side for people to add onto (and connect to their houses). However, jeremiz thought that he could get away with burying the path (which I found out with whodid). Then, other people (abledbody, for example) built on top of where the path was. I can remake the path (jeremiz never got rid of the stone path, just buried it), but doing so would potentially destroy a few creations. Currently, I'm waiting for an admin to join so I can show him/her what has been done. I guess I'm really just posting this to get a point across: Don't edit anything. I've also had a obstacle course I made griefed beyond repair, because somebody decided to make a cavehouse. MORAL: If you're making anything underground and run into someone else's creation, don't edit it! Make your creation different. They were there first, so don't change it.

EDIT: The path problem has been fixed, but I'm still keeping this here for people to learn from.

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