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We're looking for new members to join our chill server =) It's a survival server with bukkit and some minigames( spleef, tnt run, pvp arena, paintball, CTF, king of the ladder, and more planned). The staff are wonderful and very attentive, and known to host impromptu events like dime/emerald/gold ingot showers at spawn, or just "hey come watch us blow up a mountain!" lol.. You can ask admins to protect your lands for you to prevent griefing as well.. We're seeking mature members, but all are welcome. No cheat mods are allowed (x-ray, fly hacks etc). We have IRC and a small creative world for prototyping designs or just messin' around. There is also a donation system in place that offers perks and bonuses to those that support the server, should you feel like it =)

Come join us! Tell em "gheti sent ya!"