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TechnoCraft offers one of the best Minecraft experiences there is. We have 10 simple rules in which you can view at the spawn house. We also have a small shop to get you started, including a meat spawner and nether base. We have iConomy plugin and you will be awarded dollars when you kill monsters and you can redeem them in the shops and events/upcoming games such as Spleef and Mob Area (Coming Soon!)
TechnoCraft uses mcMMo, Factions, Chest Shop, NoCheat, DisguiseCraft and many more useful plugins to enhance your experience on our server. We believe our plugin selection is very unique for the type of server we are.
Here at TechnoCraft we have 10 simple rules in which we hope users obey throughout the server. We take strong action on which rules are broken.
1) Do not grief or steal/raid.
2) Do not use foul language.
3) Do not spam or advertise
4) Do not PvP log during battle
5) Do not hack, eg: Nodus, Fly, Xray, etc.
6) Do not beg for staff/op/ranks.
7) Do not abuse other players or staff.
8) Do not use inappropriate faction names.
9) Subscribe to JamieTechnology on Youtube (Optional) 
10) Have fun and enjoy the server!
Staff Team
TechnoCraft has a hard-working staff team. These members know what their doing for their role. We are currently not hiring any staff however you can buy a donator rank or earn an advertiser rank (See Below)
Chuunkster - Owner
wippi - Owner
Rocklobster98 - Admin
9_Bit - Mod
Donator/Advertiser Ranks
As I mentioned earlier you can buy donator and earn an advertiser rank. Here's how:
To earn advertiser you must advertise TechnoCraft in order to get a decent amount of dedicated players who say you invited them to the server. Although advertiser rank doesn't get you much than a Green rank, it will put up your trust for future staff applications. Please do not ask for this rank as we will overlook who deserves this rank.
Donator ranks are available from $5 per 1 month. Donators will get a rainbow rank, access to /fly and /nick and also the ability to disguise as a mob or block in the game. Donators will also receive 350 dollars (Ingame Cash!!) and a full set of Diamond Armour. To donate to TechnoCraft please see the prices below and contact one of the admins.
$5 - 1 Month Donator
$10 - 3 Months Donator
$20 - 5 Months Donator
Higher Price - Please discuss this with us.
Visit Us
So, hopefully by reading this page, I have convinced you to come along and check out what TechnoCraft has to offer. We hope to see you VERY soon!
- JamieTechnology
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