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Welcome to TerraCubed!

What is TerraCubed?

TerraCubed is a family-friendly Minecraft server dedicated to bringing people together to collaborate and share experiences with each other. TerraCubed is the rubble of a previous whitelisted server under the name of Terracube, which only lasted four months due to inactivity and lack of inspiration. As most of those members have gone their separate ways, I have decided to revive the community and give the chance for new players to experience the TerraCubed excitement.

In August of 2015, me and a group of friends started a small private server just so that we can have fun with each other and try to out-build every other player with castles and villages. As the months went on, the server got less and less active, leaving only three of us who still play regularly. In a group vote, we decided in January of 2016 that we would need to open the server up to more members and rebrand it to get the attention it once had. That's why I'm currently accepting up to 10 members to join our group. If all goes well in the following months, I might let a few more members in as long as the server isn't stressful to keep up with.

What are the Rules?

I try to be very relaxed and not be lenient with the rules of our server, but we have to keep the peace and we can't let everyone do what they want, so in order to let everyone enjoy the server and keep their happiness, a few rules have to be in place. Keep in mind though, if any major rules are broken, you will automatically be banned. A infraction of a minor rule will only give you a temporary ban for a few weeks.


1) Griefing or stealing is not allowed!

If under any circumstances you are caught griefing another player's property or stealing their items, you will automatically be banned without a chance to appeal.

2) Whining will not be tolerated!

We are looking for mature players who can handle playing on a server without causing any drama. If you decide to beg repeatedly for items or repeatedly ask for your base to be rebuilt because it was blown up by a creeper, you will be given a warning. If you decide to continue, you will be banned.

3) Cursing or discussion "R-rated" topics will not be allowed!

We like to keep our players happy and content when playing on TerraCubed, and in order to do that we need to control the tone and "rating" of discussion on the server. The first offence will result in a warning, and the second offence will result in a ban depending on the intensity of the language.

4) No x-ray or hacked clients allowed!

X-ray mods and other hacks such as faster speeds and flying abilities make it unfair for other people who play the game correctly. If you are caught, you will instantly get banned without a chance to appeal. The exception to this is a Optifine or something similar to it.

5) Pranking is allowed to a certain extent!

Pranking is all fun and games until someone get's upset. In order to keep this from occurring, a few rules have to be set in place. Pranks may not include withers, TNT, obsidian, griefing or stealing, or an excessive amount of mobs. Also, if another player asks politely for you to not prank them, please refrain from pranking them or consequences will be put in place.

6) All redstone contraptions must have the ability to be turned off!

Redstone is great as it allows the player to make machines that can benefit the server, but sometimes it can cause lag or even crash the server, which is unenjoyable for everyone. In order to keep that from happening, any redstone machine must be turned off if not in use. That means that automatic farms and automatic mob grinders are prohibited.

7) Your favorite color is green!

No exceptions! Anyone who's favorite color is not green will automatically be denied access to the server. ;P

8) Be respectful!

Nobody is going to have fun if you can't learn to respect others, especially if you make a big deal out of something they have done in the chat. If there is a problem between two or more server members, bring it to me and I'll gladly help you figure it out. And besides, if you respect each other, there won't be any problems in the first place.

How Do I Apply?

Now that you've read the rules and basic information, it's now time for you to apply! The application process is extremely simple, just fill it out, submit it onto this forum, and I'll notify you if you have been accepted. After that, I will need your Skype in order to talk to you to insure that your maturity levels are what is expected on this server.

In order to keep maturity on the server, and to keep it around the same age group of the current server members, we are only accepting applications for participants between the ages of 12 and 16; sorry in advance. The application is listed below, as well as an application I filled out to help you create yours:





Favorite Color:

Favorite Food:

How long have you been playing Minecraft:

Have you ever been banned:

What is your favorite part of Minecraft:

Why do you wish to join TerraCubed:

How do you wish to contribute the community and server:

Do you plan on recording videos while you play:

Here is my completed application:

Name: Matt

IGN: advanafire

Age: 14

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Rib-eyed steak

How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since July 2012 (Update 1.2.5)

Have you ever been banned: Yes, one time I was falsely accused without the chance of appeal. That is one reason that led me to create TerraCubed.

What is your favorite part of Minecraft: My favorite part about Minecraft is the freedom to be creative and build whatever comes to your imagination. You can use Minecraft to show others what you really imagine, and then take inspiration from other people's creative builds and make yours even better.

Why do you wish to join TerraCubed: I wish to join TerraCubed because it is the fun and exciting community I've been looking for. I used to own a server very similar to TerraCubed, but ever since that closed down, I've been looking for a server that resembles the fun experiences I had on there. I believe that TerraCubed is that server I've been looking for due to it's family-friendly aspect, and the rules that insure my time on TerraCubed will not be spoiled due to a grief or raid.

How do you wish to contribute the community and server: I plan to contribute to the server by building some fancy structures for spawn, make a base for myself that will help our server's structures to stand out amongst the other server's, make tasks easier by creating many types of redstone farms, and give away what I don't need to help others on the server who don't have as much time to gather resources or materials.

Do you plan on recording videos while you play (if yes, please link your channel): Of course! https://youtube.com/user/advanafire

Please remember to take your time on your application, as the more professional it is, the more likely you will be accepted. You will also be more likely to be accepted if you have a YouTube channel and you plan to create server videos, but if you wish not to record it won't stop you from getting accepted. Lastly, if you do have a channel and recording software, making a video to go along with your application will definitely increase you chances of getting accepted, as it will show us if you exert the levels of maturity we are looking for. If you choose to include a video, you might want to include some of your best builds to increase you chances of getting accepted.

Thanks for taking your time to read our application process and basic information about TerraCubed. I hope you will choose TerraCubed as your next server and I hope that we decide to whitelist you. Good luck! :D