thrkrew01s multi world server +hax!
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I am the owner of thrkrew01s multi world server +hax! This server is currently mcforge. within the next few days i will have it running on mcderp! all levels and ranks will be saved! the server is about 2 months old. i am pretty easy on ranks. all i am looking for is people who build and obey the rules. that will rank u up fast. anyone free to come!

here are some examples of maps i have: 2012 (lava survival), airport (building), hell (obsticle course), maps dedicated to ranks. spleef, contest (winner gets rank superbuilder and an award), battle (for gun fights), and freegrief  (for griefers). builders+ can have their own map!

here are the ranks avilible on my server:

banned = very hard to get. must be very bad

griefer= very easy to get. grief!

Guest= default rank

guestbuilder= very easy to get. build a simple house! this rank can be skipped!

builder= easy to get build a house. this rank can also be skipped but its very hard

advbuilder= easy to get build a house after u got builder

probuilder= moderate, build something awesome!

superbuilder= moderate, build something epic! can be won in contest.

moderator= hard, build lots follow rules and earn it!

supermod= hard, be a good moderator

elitemod=  hard, be an amaing mod!

operator= hard, come frequently, be trusted, be a great mod, and pass op training note: building doesnt rank you for op+ following rules, helping the server, and watching for griefers ranks you up!

superop= hard, be a good op

specialop= hard, be a amazing superop

eliteop= very hard, know all the commands

supremeop= very hard, be my best op!

admin= extremely hard highest rank you can get (not exepting any more hosts)

host= almost impossible, only given if a host quits or if i REALLY desurve it!

king= impossible, be me!

like i sayed im easy on ranks. i hope you come to my server 1 day. here is the url:

by: thrkrew01