Tingsterland No griefing Server Factions Creative Parkour IP: Browsecode org
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Hello Guys. My name is ArsenalCraft. I have found an amazingly fun server to play on called Tingsterland! :D In the server it's is factions ,but no griefing is allowed. This server has a very friendly community.

This server has creative and a parkour! Players are extremely nice. Please tell other players about this server.

We are constantly working on getting this server better. Please leave suggestions so the owner of the server can view it. PS: I'm not the Owner. Tingster is the Owner.

Have a great day! Hope you guys join it:


1. No inappropriate language.
2. Swearing is allowed ,but not be used too frequently or you'll still face consequences.
3. No use of Hack Clients or Bots.
4. No spamming commands in chat.
5. No griefing what so ever even if you claim over the land.
6. No advertising.
7. Raiding is allowed if the chest are unlocked.
8. Do not beg for staff positions.
9. Do not beg for someone to be unbanned.
10. No X-Ray of any sort.
11. No purposeful lag.
12. No flying in combat.

Please comment :D Hope you all join who view this thread.

PMC: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/tingsterland-3220992/

IP to connect with: BrowseCode.Org