TornWorlds Anime Minecraft Server Recruiting Staff Now!
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Recruiting Staff Now!

The Owners of the TornWorlds are B0N and khave

Torn Worlds is a Hub server including Anime such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and man more anime, even custom made anime/servers! In the hub lobby you will be able to earn tokens helping you in all servers and can be spent in many ways, each server has its own custom unique plugins and style of build creating a very amazing and individual experience for every server!


The Naruto server is ran by B0N and khave and many other moderators who will assist the players in whatever problems they may come across in the server. Venture through the 5 great nations and become the Kage of your village or should you choose to go rouge!?, Start as an academy student in any villages after choosing you clan with a choice of many for every village!, every village will provide the most realistic feel from the anime, a lot of research has gone into all details of how each village really feels in the anime, custom plugins in the server help provide a much more fun and realistic server, just one of the custom plugins we have is elemental paper which you will be granted when you become a Genin, once you have this piece of paper which you will right click and be given a random element from Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Lightning. When you have your element you will then be given a jutsu related to that element and one more jutsu each time you become a higher rank like Chunin and Jounin, there are hundreds of jutsu in the server including fan favourites, Rasengan, Chidori and Shadow Clone. Each different clan has their own individual jutsu unique to that clan only. Many other jutsu will also be obtainable via donating and completing missions within the server given to you by your village Kage depending on your rank.


The bleach server is run by RemissMantella, Pishmans and is administered by cvbnbnm and zombiemobtv. The server will include custom made zans and bankai system as soon as you join you will be given a choice to choose your path right from there you go the world you chosen to find your destiny and embark on quest to save your race and gain power to ultimately improve your skills to take exams and master in the arts of Kido. Choose from races such as Soul Reapers, Hollows, Quincys, Fullbrings, and Bounts.

One Piece

The One Piece server will provide the ultimate experience of what it’s like to venture the grand line! Create a crew of your finest men with our custom crew plugin or become a marine and partner with the 7 warlords of the sea to take down the pirates and work your way to become a captain!, Once you join the server you will be given the option to become a pirate or marine. If you become a pirate you will be given small missions to start you off and earn enough money to purchase your very own ship allowing you to fast travel to many different locations depending on what level you are with our custom XP levelling system, as a marine you will be forced to complete small tasks and then made into a shipmate where you will be able to fast travel to any location and take down pirates! As a pirate you will gain a higher bounty above your head each time you kill someone, each time you kill someone you will get the bounty on their head and their bounty will reset. Should you find a devil fruit… then who knows what powers you could unveil?...

Custom Anime/Servers

In a later update of the hub there will be other servers introduced such as Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online and many more however TornWorlds will also contain original anime/servers thought of by the staff or TornWorlds one if these servers is Seizon (Survival) Where you will be placed into an island with shops, docks, and many other structures. The world had be hit by a plague caused by the outbreak of a forbidden spell, In the starting city you will gather your starting resources with the money you are given then go to the docks where you will fast travel to a huge map where you will have to fend for yourself!, create teams of 5 with our custom team plugin and level up via your XP bar by killing all mobs including hostile Sheep, Cows and Pigs! Use spells you will learn to defend yourself and level the spell up using an MCMMO type custom plugin, to make the spell more powerful!

Recruiting Staff Now!