Towny Wars
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I have been running for nearly a year now (come march it will be a year), and while Towny is fun, and has amazing land management and player grouping, it is quite boring on the PvP end. I set out to develop a plugin that would spice up the Towny PvP life. After nearly a month of work on said plugin, it is complete!

I was finally able to combine the amazing land management and player groupings of Towny with the chaotic PvP element of Factions! And the best thing? NO GRIEFING INVOLVED! Towns do not have to worry about their beautiful roads and houses getting griefed and destroyed in wars, while the PvPers are able to enjoy the intense PvP that TownyWars has to offer!

I am delighted to announce that VectronCraft has gone a recent re-design in the form of an amazing new world, incredible new gameplay that really brings out the SURVIVAL in survival servers, an economy system that forces players to band together and join or start a nation to fight for control over the single operational nether portal and last but certainly not least, TownyWars.

I have been looking forward to launching this new type of server for months now, and it has finally all come together!

I invite you all to come join us on and tryout this new gameplay! If you would like to learn more about the server, visit our website at

Or checkout our official server thread here:

For more information on TownyWars, please read this thread:

Would love ALL your comments and suggestions!

Hope you come and help grow this new type of gameplay into one of the most popular gameplay types of all time!