Under the Gods - Infinite Jungle - Permanent Death Ban
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I present, Under the Gods:

- Infinite Jungle Biome
- Permandent ban on death, so don't die.
- No gameplay rules, (server rules below).

Gameplay: The theme of the server is to maintain a difficult environment to survive in with Jungle theme. There is jungle everywhere. There are no observable staff to the players but there are actually staff which moderate for client mods which are gameplay affecting. The other element that makes it more interesting is that if you die, you are auto-banned permanently from the server and you leave behind you a corpse for future generations to see. Staff do not respond to in-game requests or help. Send ban appeals to underthegods(at)mail(dot)com. Hope you enjoy!

There is no whitelist. There ARE few server rules: - No gameplay affecting mods. This includes x-ray, inventory hacking, and maneuvering mods. (ban if staff see use)

game ip: underthegods.net