Universe Islands {Skyblock}{SMP}{PVE}{Survival}
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Hello! We are a Survival Skyblock server.

Have you ever wanted a challenge and play with friends at the same time? Well this is the server for you! Join your friends and compete to make the best island in the server!

Game altering Plugins:

These plugins make skyblock even more fun because it adds an extra challenge to the game and they make the game interesting!

Here at Universe Islands the players come first and we have commited staff willing to help anyone with any questions! Is this your first time playing Skyblock? Well we have a Info part at spawn to help players familiarize themselfs with the plugin.

At Universe Islands we have made game to go along side skyblock. We have Pvp, Mazes (Hard,Medium and Easy), Parkour(Hard,Easy). These are just the beginning as we are still creating more games to go into the server for more fun!

You can get Donor Ranks on Universe Islands and they enhance your the skyblock experience even more than before. With ranks you can get access to the Donorzone. In the donorzone you get a new shop with cheaper items, a mob arena and enchanting/ repairing station.

There are 6 voting links for a total of $600Ign everyday! We have a server shop that has most blocks and items in stock. When you start an island you get a cow to be with you as a little customization.

Server is 1.8

The ip is play.universeislands.net

We hope to see you on there!