Urban Kingdoms!
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Urban Kingdoms is a Minecraft Network based on being fair to its players!

Our ip: UrbanKingdom.mcraft.pro

We are a growing network with plans to release a new server in a few weeks! New server: Urban Kingdoms: SkyBlock!

"Grand, whatever, thats in a few weeks what are you NOW?"

We are currently a PVP and Survival Server!

Our game types: Survival, PVP, PVE, Economy, Spigot, No Raid, and Ranks.

"Where do you plan to go with this?"

Previously stated: We are about to release Urban Kingdoms: SkyBlock, and a bit later, we will release Urban Kingdoms: Creative, and maybe a Modpack or 2 wink.

Be sure to check us out for a great, fun community! We are curretly in need of staff and players! We are in 1.10.2!